Wednesday, March 4, 2009

baby everett is here.

since we have friends having babies every month until october, so far, we have another birth to announce! :)

our sweet friends, lisa & james burgess welcomed their firstborn, a son, into their arms and into their hearts on sunday morning.

(doesn't lisa look a.m.a.z.i.n.g. for just giving birth?!?!)

everett andrew burgess
3.01.09 - 10:52 am
8 lbs. 14 oz. - 20 inches

our "story" with the burgesses is a fun one - james was the store manager at barneys new york when i worked there in 2003 - 2004. for christmas 2003, before jason and i were engaged, both of our families were out of town for the holidays... we really didn't have anyone to spend them with, so james & lisa asked us to come spend christmas day with them. we were so overwhelmed by their offer, since up-until-then, we'd just had a work-relationship! we really enjoyed our day with them, and were excited at the prospect of gaining new friends, especially since they were married, and we were nearing that stage of our life together. james, however, had this "thing" about not being "friends" with people that worked for him (he's quite the professional!)... hehe... so when we got word that our store was closing in summer of 2004, and james took each one of his employees into his office to explain that he had found a new job, i wasn't exactly crying like everyone else - each girl before me came out of his office in tears, and i think my first words were, "so... can we be friends, now?" :)

after james' permission ;), we spent SO much time with the burgesses. james was a groomsman in our wedding, lisa helped out with a lot, and i think we saw them at least 3 times a week during our first year of marriage.

we are so grateful for their friendship, and so excited to rejoice in the birth of their son with them. it will be exciting to walk through the journey of parenthood with them!

we were blessed to get to visit them in the hospital on their first day together, sunday, and love on everett for a little while before visiting hours were over. he his definitely one handsome little guy. i'm already craving some more little-man-cuddles! we can't wait for emma kate to meet him!

and who knows... 2 years isn't THAT big of a difference... maybe emma will have an eye for everett sometime in the future. or maybe we'll have another little girl that can capture his heart! :) we'd be ok with being in-laws with them. :)

so congratulations, burgess family! we are praying for you as you introduce your new little one to your home and into our world.

we love you!

john 16:21
when a woman gives birth, she has distress because her time has come, but when her baby is born, she forgets the suffering because of her joy that her child has been born into the world.

psalm 127:3
sons are a heritage from the Lord,
children a reward from Him.

the final rose. part 2.

so... i kind of ranted and raved a little bit ago. and i still think all those things. i still think the whole show is silly, and maybe a bit staged, now. i'm still sad that jason treated melissa the way he did. (and i'm bummed she didn't want to come on the show to talk about everything - but i TOTALLY understand why she wasn't ready to come back!)


i have to say....

jason and molly are pretty stinkin' cute.

i mean, really, they are. don't you think? they totally looked really happy and in love, too. so, i guess i recant my statement about wanting molly to dump jason. who knows... maybe finding love actually is possible on a 2-month-long reality show. :) i actually do wish the best for them.

even if it's only to validate this show and make me feel better for watching it! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the final rose.

so, just like a lot of america, i was stunned by last night's final episode of "the bachelor." first of all, let me say that i know being obsessed with this show is the silliest thing ever, and i'm actually a little embarrassed to admit that i watch it, but i just can't get enough of it!

that said, i absolutely loved jason mesnick all the way through the season, and i called melissa & molly being the final 2 by the 3rd episode. melissa was always my favorite, though. she's so sweet, cute, loves hard, is nurturing... she seemed to be everything that jason needed and wanted.

so, needless to say, i was thrilled when he turned molly down at the final rose ceremony, and i couldn't wait to watch him propose to melissa. i was SO happy for her... she was so excited and relieved - her dreams had come true.

at about 8:50pm, this is what america was watching:

(by the way, didn't melissa look gorgeous in her chic yellow gown?!)

he proposed. she said yes. they looked incredibly happy, incredibly in love...

so imagine my confusion when, fast forward 10 minutes to 9:00pm, and a very somber jason is sitting on a couch in an empty "after the final rose" studio, telling chris harrison that he's dumping his fiance for molly - the girl he just wasn't in love with 10 minutes ago (well, on tv).

it. was. excruciating.

i felt so awful for melissa. how utterly humiliating to be dumped on national tv, forced to give your engagement ring back to the man who promised you forever... and then he's making out with molly on the couch minutes later. i mean, really... who does that?

he completely gave up on melissa. he just gave up. how can you say you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them and then just throw it away - not even attempt to fight for her?

anyway, i was so proud of the way melissa handled herself - she let him have it. she tried not to cry, to not let him see how much he'd hurt her. i'm surprised she didn't chunk that ring right at his lying face!

she'll finally get to talk about it tonight on part 2 of "after the final rose" and i'm looking forward to seeing what she has to say. honestly, i'm also kinda hoping that molly has decided she doesn't want to work things out with jason over these last 6 weeks since the taping of his "dramatic decision."

...and i'm kinda mad at "the bachelor" for stringing us along like this and putting tv drama ahead of a sweet girls' heart. she shouldn't have had to go through that. especially not on national tv.

needless to say... i'm not a fan of jason mesnick anymore.

Monday, March 2, 2009

if the "shooper" fits...

so, remember that little post from a couple days ago, where i totally raved about the boutique "mom's blankies" and their cute little custom-made "shoopers?"

well... i got an email today from allyson from the blog, "a heart for home," telling me i had won the random drawing for their giveaway! :)

so as soon as the package arrives, emma kate will be toasting her little toes in these adorable little shoopers:

how fun is that??? :) i'm hoping our little princess loves her new slippers.

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