Thursday, November 13, 2008

sleep talking.

i was up super late monday night doing homework. when i came to bed at almost 1:00 am, jason had already been asleep for a good 2 hours. when i walked in the room, i thought he was going to jump up and try to fight me, he was so startled! but he finally laid back down, after some reassurance that it was JUST me, and went to sleep... or so i thought.

as i was washing my face in the bathroom i heard a sound come from jason in the bedroom. this is the conversation that followed between me and my very sleepy hubby:

jason: hmmmm...
sara: what'd you say, baby?
jason: hmmmmm....
sara: jason, did you say something?
jason: what?
sara: did you say something?
jason: no. i'm just humming.
sara: you're what?
jason: i'm just humming something.
sara: (silently cracking up) oh yeah? what are you humming?
jason: oh, it's just this song someone wrote.
sara: (slight pause to compose herself) yeah? who wrote it?
jason: you, silly.
sara: i wrote it?
jason: yeah... it's a piece of work!
sara: (almost losing it) what's the song called?
jason: what?
sara: what's it called?
jason: what is what called?
sara: the song i wrote... what's it called?
jason: what the he** are you talking about? you didn't write a song!
sara: oh....ok. (??????)

and then we went to sleep.

i hope that made you laugh as much as i did!

(and just so you know... that was pretty much word-for-word. no embellishment here!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

'tis the season.

am i the only one SO excited about the holiday season?

i feel a bit like it has snuck up on us, but i can't wait for it to get here.

i love the new holiday commercials that have started to air. i love that target is playing christmas music on that kiosk that you can select the button to choose the cd you want to listen to. i love that all the stores have christmas stuff up EVERYWHERE... and we just finished halloween! i know that's a little crazy, but i really just can't wait.

here are some pictures to get you "in the mood":

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Friday, November 7, 2008

four years together.

on this day, 4 years ago, jason and i became husband and wife.

i can't believe it's already been 4 years! it seems crazy. i couldn't be happier with the husband that God chose for me. he is my best friend, the best father i could ever imagine, an incredible provider, and a wonderful leader for our family. the last 4 years have flown by, and we have seen so much change in our lives since then!

here is a little tribute, in pictures, to the last 4 years with my sweet husband... the greatest years of my life!

our wedding - november 7, 2004

jason's 23rd birthday - january 2005

october 2006

october 2006

waiting for emma kate - october 2006

emma's arrival - october 5, 2006

christmas 2006

our first house on douglas drive - may 2007

christmas 2007 - in our first house

summer 2008

august 2008

i love you, jason! you are all my dreams come true... i can't wait to see where God takes us in the next several years... here's to 50 more!

happy birthday, mom.

my mom's birthday was yesterday, november 6th. i meant to post this then, but i didn't get it done in time. :-(

so, in honor of the woman who birthed and raised... ME... here is a little collage of things that remind me of her:

mom by sara.rains from

my mom, denise, loves:
kitchen aids, fancy flip-flops, things from brighton, gerbera daisies, reading good books, crabtree & evelyn products - especially almond scented, her cat zoomer, (cooking) thanksgiving dinner, artichokes & other good foods, baking (the pink cupcake liners remind me of the cakes she would bake me when i was a little girl... they always had to be pink!), a mini cooper - her dream car, fresh cut lilies, quality cookware, a good glass of wine, and christmas!

of course, she also loves her family, but i felt like that was a given.

happy birthday, mom.

i hope you enjoyed your day. love you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


in light of the recent "decision 2008" results, i have been pondering a lot! and i have come to the conclusion that i am very, sincerely disappointed in the reaction of the american people... sadly, and most specifically, conservative-christian-rep

i have always considered myself to be a republican, a conservative, and obviously a christian. and although i have only been able to vote in one other presidential election (i missed the 2000 vote by 3 months!), i was very strongly aligned with the republican candidate in the past. this year was different. i wasn't sure who to pick. i wasn't sure who was best. mainly because i didn't want to fall prey to all the ridiculousness that was constantly being made up about each candidate. but also because they both seem like really decent men.

so, even though i knew that this election would be heated, and even though i knew that if obama won that there would be an outcry (honestly, there would have been either way), i was already sure that obama would come out on top. it just seemed obvious to me. because america has been griping about president bush for at least 4 years, because obama basically became a celebrity overnight (like 2 years ago!), because america is wanting a change... be it good or bad, they just want a change.

and, i have been horrified and saddened by the response to his win.

i have not heard so many horribly hateful, cruel, ignorant statements at one time in my life. things like, "the first thing obama should do as president is shoot himself." things like, "may God have mercy on our country." things like, "i'm giving up my citizenship." then there was the horrible event that happened on baylor university's campus this week, when some students thought it would be funny, i guess, to hang a noose on a tree to symbolize the "lynching" of obama, and then proceeded to burn his picture by it. do these people not realize that this man is a human being with a family, not to mention 2 young daughters???

i'm tired of the whining. i'm tired of the panic that has come from the apparent feeling that God has forsaken our country, and we're now going to self-destruct because of one man coming into power. it's ridiculous!

here's my take:
whether or not you feel that obama is the best man for the job, he's got it now. he WILL BE our new president. that demands some respect. how many republicans/christians were offended and whined and cried when the media, celebrities, SNL, late night talk shows, etc. degraded president bush every freakin' chance they got? we were so tired of the "liberals" being cruel and critical and condescending, just because they didn't agree with him. it was awful. for 8 years, it was awful. and now, obama hasn't even been SWORN INTO OFFICE yet, and already we're defaming his name, ridiculing him, slinging hateful words, begging for his death... and, here's the kicker... all in the name of our Lord and Savior!

as americans, we have the right to choose our leaders. and as americans, so does everyone else. our leader was chosen. we now have the responsiblity to respect him and submit to his leadership. this does not mean we cannot have opinions or a voice. but it means that he our president. it is what it is.

and i could be wrong, i guess. barrack obama could turn out to be a muslim. he could turn out to be friends with horrible terrorists. he could turn out to refuse to be sworn in on the bible. he could turn out to remove the american flag from airforce one and throw away all the flag pins he can get his hands on. he could turn out to be a liar, a thief, a horrible man.

but what if i'm not wrong?

WHAT IF he actually is a great man, who loves this country, and has every intention to do something positive, so that we can leave this nation to our children in a better state than it's in now? WHAT IF (gasp!) he actually does believe in the God that i serve and desires to submit to His will as he attempts to lead this country? what then?

i'm not, by any means, a huge obama supporter... it just saddens me that the people leading this hate rally towards the man who just made history in our nation are all people who claim to be "lights in the world" for Jesus.

so, maybe, instead of throwing a temper tantrum because the guy you chose didn't win... maybe you should start praying that this man hears the voice of God throughout the next 4 years. maybe you should start praying that you're wrong about everything you've feared, because if you're wrong, that means that this will end up being a positive, maybe even incredible change for our country.

"the [president's] heart is in the hand of the Lord." proverbs 1:21

this did not surprise God. He's known this outcome all along. and i don't know whether or not He is pleased with the man that america has voted into office.

but i DO know, that He loves barrack hussein obama NO LESS than He loves you, or me, or any other child of His.

and i also know that the hate spewing from the mouths and hearts of His children right now can most certainly NOT be pleasing to Him.

take it or leave it.
that's all i have to say.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

check it out.

i have created a page for my little business, emma kate designs!

i create custom invitation & stationary for any and every occasion.

i created emma kate designs in october of 2006, while i was still pregnant with emma kate. i worked at an amazing boutique at the shops at legacy in plano called socially write, and did a lot of printing and creating for them. i definitely discovered a passion for it, and after i left socially write to have my baby, i began doing some side jobs for friends and family. i received lots of encouragement from those friends and family to start my own business. so as our first child, emma kate rains was born, so was my little card making business, emma kate designs.

i would love to create something special for you or someone you know. let me know if i can help with anything!

...and go check out the new blog...

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