Saturday, October 24, 2009

paperbag books :: group lesson plan.

this is for my group from dr. haag's class!

sorry these wouldn't upload any other way... i hope this isn't too confusing.

here are the directions for how to make our paper bag books:

here's what you'll need:
- 4 standard lunch-size brown paper sacks
- scissors
- hole punch
- ribbon, yarn, twine, a shoelace :)... something to tie it together
- decorative scissors (optional)
- glue stick (or glue dots, something strong)
- colored cardstock, scrapbook paper, construction paper, etc.
- white printer paper/copy paper

1. Hold the bag so it is still flat. Using the scissors, slice the closed edge of the bag, so that both ends are open. Do this to all four bags.

2. Fold the bags in half, so that there is a crease in the center, and the open edges meet.

3. Punch holes (with the bag folded) along the spine.

4. Nest the folded bags inside each other and tie them together through the holes.

5. Glue a colored piece of paper (big enough to write questions on) on each right-hand page of the book, and on the front. There should be 8 pages with colored paper on them, including the cover.

i thought the students could write a couple words to describe themselves on the card in the cover pocket. :) mine says "girly, mommy, wife, loves pumpkin-flavored things!"

6. Glue a white square of paper on each left-hand page of the book, for illustrations. There should be 7 pages with white paper on them.

7. Slide scraps of paper (about 4.75"...long enough to see without digging) into the pockets.

8. Write (or print out and glue) questions on the colored pages, illustrate accordingly on the white pages and write the answer or response on the card that slips into the pocket... And you're done!

I hope these direction make sense!!! If you are having trouble, please let me know and I'll just make a book for you and you can fill it out when we meet early on Thursday. :)

If there are different questions we want to ask (we need one more question) please let me know, so everyone can plan accordingly! :)

This is super simple... mine would be TONS cuter if I were doing it as a scrapbook or something... they're great little gifts for friends or kids or family members. :) Have fun and let me know if you need help!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


we are so excited to announce that around june 22nd of 2010, our little family of three will become a family of four! : )

we are beyond thrilled and thankful to our God for creating the precious life growing inside me.

emma is constantly talking about the baby she has started calling "baby jacob," and how she will be a "big sister princess."

we covet your prayers during the next 8 months, and i'm excited to share our little journey with you! (you can follow along with the little ticker i added on the sidebar ----->)

Monday, October 5, 2009

3 years.

emma kate turned 3 years old today... three. years. old.

i can't believe it. 3 sounds so - old! well, not old, i guess... but it definitely does not sound like a sweet baby girl. i don't think we can say that we're the parents of a toddler. doesn't 3 qualify a kid as a "preschooler?"

we love the little girl that our emma is becoming. she is such a joy. and when i think back on the last 3 years, its hard to believe that the tiny baby we held on october 5, 2006 is the same child that we kissed goodnight, tonight, in 2009.

here is a little timeline of emma's life in pictures:

our sweet baby girl, right after she was born:
thursday, october 5, 2006
6:34 pm
7 pounds, 12 ounces
21.75 inches

emma kate, after we brought her home from the hospital. so tiny & sweet! (i wonder what she's dreaming about...)

6 months old
april 2007

9 months old
july 2007
(look at those little toothies!)

our princess on her 1st birthday!
october 5, 2007

18 months old
april 2008
(changing so much, already!)

at her 2nd birthday party!
october 5, 2008

our fairy princess at her 3rd birthday party!
october 2009... three years later.

she is our biggest joy in life. we love her more than we can ever say. it actually physically hurts when i think about how much i love her... i just can't put it into words.

it has been so amazing to get to see glimpses of God's love for me as my Heavenly Father, through my love for emma as her mother. i love how He has used my role as a parent to reveal Himself to me over and over again.

i thank my God for blessing me with my beautiful daughter.

what did we do 3 years ago, before emma was here? it's crazy to think about...

i cannot imagine my life without her.

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