Monday, May 25, 2009

bridal tea.

i am so excited about the shower my mom and i are throwing for cory's fiance (my soon-to-be sister-in-law) katie! we decided to do a kitchen & recipe shower at the chocolate angel in richardson. it's this sweet little tea room with the most delicious food! the ladies at the chocolate angel catered mine & jason's wedding... it was beautiful!

anyway, i just wanted to share some of the details...

here's katie's invitation:

i think this retro-apron invitation is SO cute!
if you can't read it, it says:
"mix a sprinkle of love with a handful of kisses -
soon cory and katie will be
mr. and mrs.
but as we wait for that special hour
let's honor katie with a
kitchen & recipe shower!"

here's a picture of the chocolate angel's super sweet tea room:

isn't it just so beautiful?

i can't wait for the shower! i think it's going to be so cute... we're having "afternoon tea" with iced teas, tea sandwiches, pastries, tartlets, fruit, salads, etc... i love it!

i hope katie enjoys it... we really want her to just feel so special and loved. :)

i'll post pics from the shower after the fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

go romo.

emma loves romo. "romo" is her #9 romo cowboy's jersey... she loves to wear "him" whenever she can! at one point, i had to pry "romo" off of her, because she'd warn the thing for 4 days straight... luckily, we didn't have anywhere special to go! :)

here's the best pic i have of emma wearing her "romo." (notice the stellar soccer skills - child prodigy? i think so!) haha...

so, the other day, emma was wearing "romo" and admiring herself in the mirror. she smiled and yelled out, "GO ROMO!" i thought this was cute, and that she needed to learn a little cheer for her beloved man-in-blue. :)

so i taught her this:

"R-O-M-O, Go Ro-mo!"

(i even taught her the traditional "ready? ok!")

so cute! we practiced this all day, so we'd be ready to perform for daddy when he got home from work.

we were all ready to show jason our fun cheer... emma wanted me to do it first (just a bit of stage fright), so i started...

"ready? ok!
R-O-M-O, Go Ro-mo!"

and then emma proceded to do her version of the cheer...

"ready? ok!
E-R-E-R-E-R-E-M-G-B-D-H-P-R-E-O, Go Ro-mo!"



happy sunday,

Friday, May 1, 2009

jake boy.

jacob andrew olson
4.20.2009 - 12:25 pm
6 pounds 12 ounces - 19.25 inches

our precious friends, the olson family just welcomed a new member to their little family. baby jacob was born last monday, and both he and mommy jerica are doing great!

jerica & erik have been sweet friends to us since 2005, when jason and erik worked together at AXA. we went through newlywed life together, our pregnancy with emma, the olsons building their first home, and then their pregnancy with jack, who is now almost 19-months-old. (his birthday is october 2nd, which is only 3 days before emma's - but of course a year later!) we have loved getting to know and love this family, and are so excited to experience this new stage of their lives with them. it will be so fun to watch jack be a "big brother" to baby jacob... whom he has lovingly nicknamed "jake boy." (how sweet is that?)

we are excited for you, jerica, erik and jack! and jake, you have one super cool family. at least WE think they're pretty great! :)

here are some pictures from jerica's blog, to introduce their new little guy to you:

baby jake with a cute little grin

erik, jerica & their new little man.
(doesn't jerica look uh-mazing? she just had a c-section!)

big brother jack being so sweet to his "jake boy"

sweet baby boy.

welcome, little man. we can't wait to meet you!


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