Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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she's excited.

this is what emma's reaction was when i told her we get on our airplane to florida tomorrow. we've been telling her for weeks about this trip, and she keeps asking how many days... 10 more days, 4 more days, etc...

today, the count is down to ONE. and she's excited. :)

travel bag.

i ordered this bag from etsy.com for emma kate, and it came in the mail yesterday! we were so excited to get it - isn't it SO cute??

it's the perfect duffle for trips and future sleepovers. :)

i highly recommend this little etsy boutique... click here to browse their cute things!

(in the meantime, this sweet little bag will be on an airplane to florida with me and emma tomorrow morning!)

fancy toes & butterfly chairs.

my mom introduced us to her favorite nail salon right before my brother's birthday - elegant nails & spa by firewheel. it is so great! they even have the sweetest mini pedi-chairs in the shape of pink & purple butterflies!!!

yesterday, "nonna" (jason's mom) took me and emma to get our toes done before our trip to florida. needless to say, emma loves having her nails done... what girlie-girl doesn't? maybe we've started this habit a little too early... haha, but its so much fun. i can't wait for special mommy-daughter days in the future!

here are some pics from girlie day:

emma in her butterfly chair...
what little girl wouldn't LOVE this chair?
(from when we went with my mom)

this is the life!
how many 2-year-olds have two pampering assistants??

yesterday, getting toes done again...
concentrating so hard.

pretty toes!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

boy, oh boy.

i have had the pleasure of creating some new invitations lately... both for baby boy showers! :)

here is my latest work:

this first one is for my friend, sunny, who is due to meet her baby boy in mid-september. sunny and i have been friends for around 7 or 8 years... we started dating our husbands during the same week, and got married a month apart! :) i am so excited to meet her little guy, and so blessed that we are still in each other's lives.

her nursery is vintage cars, airplanes and trucks... so cute! i loved this invitation when i saw it... and thought it was perfect!

this invitation was made for a sweet woman from church. she and her husband are in my parents' small group, so our families have known each other for years. her niece is having a baby boy, and carol asked me to do the invitations!

i love the whimsy in this turquoise & lime stroller invitation... so cute!

you can "stroll" on over to my emma kate designs blog to see more of my work. :)

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

what a man.

mmm. just look at him. what girl wouldn't swoon over that slightly-toussled, bad-boy vibin' hunk-ova man?!

and really, the more america got to know mr. wes hayden from austin, texas, as he dabbled in lovin' on jillian, it was just by chance that he gained some publicity for his album comin' up, right? i mean... he only told us about his new song and new album once ever 5 minutes througout his time on abc's "the bachelorette."

it's not his fault that such a beautiful (and probably pre-written & ready-to-go) song needed to be played on tv about 10 times within the first 3 episodes. and who woulda thunk that his entire band would just happen to be available to give jillian a little mini-concert during the home-town date?

and the whole girlfriend thing?? maybe noone told wes that not only should he not be on a dating show on national tv while he's dating/in love with laurel from back home, but that it's probably not something he should share with all the guys that are also pining for jillian. and maybe no one told him that when he's trying to lie... ahem, i mean... explain the whole girlfriend-misunderstanding to jillian, that he should refrain from using the term "girlfriend" to describe said "laurel." and maybe noone explained that jillian would indeed view this little tv show one day, and that his true colors would eventually be visible to her and to all of america.

you can't blame him really. i mean, what an honor to be named "the first man in bachelorette history to make it all the way to the top 4 with a girlfriend."

and i don't think there's ever been a man more excited at the rose ceremony, knowing he's going home, because as he told us all, when he got home, he's "havin' a LOT of {insert 3-letter-word that rhymes with /x/ here}!" what a gentleman. really.

what girl wouldn't want him?

here is one of wes' shining moments from last night's episode:

"i don't know much about the music scene in barcelona, but uh, i had a song on my 2nd album that was actually #1 in chihuahua, mexico, so i feel at home, ya know, livin' around spanish people."

i mean, he's right. the market in chihuahua, mexico is very competetive... or so i hear. and it is only natural that he would feel "at home" with an entire race of people, simply by having a popular song in one of its descreet citites. and what better time to plug your album, yet again, than when you are supposed to be discussing all the reasons you love the girl that 3 other guys are vying for?


maybe miss laurel from austin knows something we don't.

because i sure don't see any redeeming qualities in this guy...

thank you, jillian, for sending him home.

i will be enjoying the remainder of this season's "the bachelorette," sans-wes!


last week, when i got into my car at around 3pm after school, this is what my poor little jetta read the temperature as being:

106 degrees.
i mean... i knew it was hot. i burned my bum through my jeans on my charcoal gray leather seats... but oh. my. goodness. 106 degrees? that should be illegal.

so, imagine my delight when, on monday of this week, the weather had changed dramatically after some much-needed rain on sunday! as i walked around campus at TWU, there was a beautiful breeze... the air was almost "soft" it was so comfortable. this is what "miss etta" the jetta told me the temperature was at 3pm on monday:

86 degrees!
20 whole degrees cooler than it was only a few days before!
isn't that crazy? and man... those 20 degrees make a HUGE difference!

it was a MUCH needed break from the endless weeks of over-100-degree weather we've had so far this summer.

and it was glorious.

i could live days like that everyday... but it probably won't happen in texas. :)

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