Monday, September 14, 2009

lolli dolls.

i have officially found the cutest little creations ever.


a little etsy shop called lollipop workshop, where these precious "lolli dolls" come from, has just taken a few whistful moments of my life.

a birthday girl lolli doll
(she is completely customizable for your favorite bday girl!)

another sweet lolli doll as a cake topper

would you not have LOVED this as a little girl?
i am pretty certain that i would have stared at her endlessly...

...and what about this wedding cake topper?
also customizable - and i think as cute as can be!

i think these cupcake toppers are adorable.

they can hold candles, too!

and the gift wrapping? genius. love it. precious.

i follow a blog called bakerella. if you haven't read it, you should. she is too cute, and always whipping up some amazing baked treats! the creator of lolli dolls sent bakerella some custom goodies the other day, and she posted her surprises on her blog:

bakerella's very own lolli doll, made to look just like her!
(notice the "bakerella" sign!)

here's the little lovley holding a tray of her famous cake balls

the teeny-tiny dessert table.
i am in awe of the detail in this precious work of art!
(also featuring the cake balls & her even cuter cake pops)

a lolli doll b.f.f. for bakerella's little niece & assistant chef :)

the lolli's and their dessert buffet, together.

i mean, really... does it get much cuter?

i would like to be completely irrational and order one for emma's birthday. :) however, i am restraining, simply because i can hear the shock & border-line-rage in jason's voice as he asks exactly how much i spent on that little cake topper for our 3-year-old. :)

i wish i had thought of these cutie-patootie gifts, i bet they're SO fun to create!

lolli dolls? yes, please.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

school girl.

emma started the new year of mother's day out today. she has been so excited to "go to school," and was all giddy while we were getting her dressed and getting all her "gear" together. :)

here are some pics from this morning:

big girl all ready for school
[she looked in the mirror and said "i'm a princess!"]
...because skirts/dresses always mean you're a princess! :)

so silly!

cutie backpack

nap mat that my mom & i made last year for mdo
and the lunchbox that matches her backpack!

emma & mommy

really wish she were looking at the camera in this one!

walking with daddy
[she's SO grown-up!]

all lined up!
her classmates this year are:
anna, aslan [like the lion?], caden, camryn, chloe, emma :0),
jack, jackson, lucian, olivia, samuel & zoya

emma's little cubbie
[she found her name all by herself!]

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