Thursday, August 28, 2008

...Life at home...

"my God is mighty to save!"

and save, He has... Life Lucia Larsen, that is.

after so many scares, so many tears, so many sleepless, worry-filled nights for the larsen family, they got to go home today.

they got to go home.
as a family.

life is spending her 28th night out in this world, at home, with her mommy and daddy. praise the Lord!

the nursery was ready. mommy and daddy were ready. God just had to get life ready. and boy, did He get her ready... she's such a perfect little miracle.

thank you for your continued prayers for this sweet family as they enter a new journey together, outside of the safety of their medical team and the machines and the hospital rooms.

i have had such an attachment to this story, to this family, to what God is doing for this baby girl. i feel that i am forever changed.

forever changed by a baby girl, who God used to bring life and light to those who have heard her story and have lifted their voices and shed tears to God on her behalf; to bring life and light to those who saw His perfect glory and power as He continuously restored her tiny body.

life and light... Life Lucia... how fitting.
a perfect name for a perfect little girl.

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Lisa said...

HOLY COW!! So glad that they got to go home. God is good!

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