Thursday, September 25, 2008

chasing bubbles

as promised many weeks ago, here is a long overdue update from this summer:

emma's nonna & grampa (jason's parents) got her a bubble machine - what fun! she has had loads of fun with it at their house, and it's going to make a special appearance at her birthday party next weekend. (stay tuned for pictures of THAT!) :-)

here are some fun pics of emma chasing bubbles...
and then some of her just being beautiful:

i don't think she knew what to think, at first...

watching the bubbles "fly"
(her cute little braids were falling out)

sitting in the middle of bubbles... so fun!

"where bubbles go?"

taking a water break

sigh... chasing bubbles is hard work!

amused by something...

more bubbles! "ooo - wee!"

beautiful girl!
isn't it crazy how grown up she looks??

silly face

"watch, nonna!"
going down the slide on her tummy... so silly

there are more pictures of her actually chasing and running after the bubbles, but my computer isn't uploading anymore for some reason, so i'll have to add those later.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Very cute! Those are good pictures of her. I expect to see the bubble machine at her party.

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