Tuesday, September 1, 2009

school girl.

emma started the new year of mother's day out today. she has been so excited to "go to school," and was all giddy while we were getting her dressed and getting all her "gear" together. :)

here are some pics from this morning:

big girl all ready for school
[she looked in the mirror and said "i'm a princess!"]
...because skirts/dresses always mean you're a princess! :)

so silly!

cutie backpack

nap mat that my mom & i made last year for mdo
and the lunchbox that matches her backpack!

emma & mommy

really wish she were looking at the camera in this one!

walking with daddy
[she's SO grown-up!]

all lined up!
her classmates this year are:
anna, aslan [like the lion?], caden, camryn, chloe, emma :0),
jack, jackson, lucian, olivia, samuel & zoya

emma's little cubbie
[she found her name all by herself!]

1 comment:

candicebishop said...

Oh, what a BIG day for such a BIG girl!!! Sara, she is precious. I love these pictures. I can feel the excitement. I know you are so proud of your little girl.

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