Monday, April 12, 2010

baby girl.

these are our most recent sonogram pics - they were taken on march 24, 2010, at about 27 weeks. it was actually a surprise sonogram. i had been feeling some pressure and stuff that i didn't remember feeling with emma. when i expressed my concern, dr. hsu wanted to go ahead and do some fetal monitoring, a sonogram and an exam, just to make sure what i was feeling wasn't contractions or pre-term labor.

and we were fine. :) my fluid level is great, baby rylie is movin' and groovin' like a little diva, and there is no progress whatsoever... which is GREAT news at 27 weeks... maybe at 37 weeks, if i hear that there's no progress, i'll be a little frustrated. :) but for now, it's great!

right now, we're 30 weeks along - that leaves only 10 weeks - 70 days!! - until we are expecting to meet our sweet baby girl! we can't wait to meet her and see what she looks like, and begin getting to know who God has already made her to be. what a blessing!

here are the pictures of our girl - we already think she's so beautiful - and just might have mommy's nose. :) it will be so fun to see how different/similar our two girls are!

sweet rylie's profile - mommy's nose?

touching her toes! :)
her little foot is on the right, her fist on the left

another profile shot - see her fist to the right?
and her eyelid, and her sweet lips & chin?

i LOVE this one... you can see her little poochy lips & her chunky cheeks!

creepy, i know... but look how you can see her eyes! this one, too - you can see her left eyeball (the top one)


Sunny Lann said...

Finally! Welcome back to the blogging world. Sweet baby girl - she already looks adorable! Can't wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

I love love love love that baby Rylie will have your nose!!!! We need a little Sara Beth running around! I love you so much, and I'm so excited that I can be here for every moment this time around.

candicebishop said...

Precious precious! Can't wait to meet baby Rylie!!

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