Monday, June 18, 2012


happy summer! :)

i've just begun my second summer as a teacher, and would LOVE to keep up with my blog more. i've pretty much had to cut any "extra-curricular activities" out of my life during the school year so far... but i'd love to instill some balance on that front. i'd love to figure out how to continue to do the things i love & enjoy... the things that refresh me.

things like crafting. and printing. and designing. and expressive writing (i.e. this blog). :)

we shall see.

so in an effort to do just that, i updated my blog that features my little paper design "business." emma kate designs has been barely up and running for most of its existence. basically, i design and create digital & paper elements for my own family's parties... :) but, once in a blue moon, i get the chance to do something for a friend, or maybe even a stranger who just happened across my work via "the internets." :)

i added some projects that hadn't been featured yet, and also changed the layout, background, colors, etc. of the blog itself. AND... i made-over the logo! it's quite a possibility that it's a work in progress at the moment, but i like the new look... it's fresh, whimsical & modern. not so stuffy and formal.

here's the new logo:

what do you think??

you are more than welcome to show yourself on over to ekd's site. feel free to peruse the pretties that i've posted in the past, and treat yourself to a little sneak peek of a certain "baby" girl's 2nd birthday celebration. :)

here's to a crafty summer vacation! {hopefully.}

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