Sunday, July 27, 2008

baby shower "bow-quet"

ok, so i really haven't been the best blogger, lately!! basically, i finally got out our digital camera (i've been taking pictures with my phone) to use during my days home with emma. so i have LOTS to blog about... BUT i couldn't figure out how to upload the pictures onto our computer - until tonight! SO now i have like, weeks of stuff to catch up on! :-) but i won't do that to you all at once. not only because it would be completely overwhelming for you, but also because i am up way too late (watching movies with jason) to want to bother with uploading tons of pictures... hence, it will be a gradual catching up...

so here's catch-up post #1:
last week, i had a baby shower for a friend of mine, renee, who's having a baby girl. my sweet friend, melody, has a custom bow-making business called "katie pie creations," and she had recently done a "bow-quet" for another shower gift. i loved the idea so much, that i decided to do the same thing for my friend! so, emma and i went over to melody's one day last week, and we made bows... well, melody made bows... i picked the ribbon! :-)
i took it all home and painted a box with renee's new baby's name on it and put it all together.

here's the final product:

here's the "bow-quet" put together. there are 4 different "stems" with several bows & clippies, and in the bottom is a sweet crocheted beanie hat & headband that can be used with the bows. so cute!

the box that i painted for renee & baby isabell

big flower clippie (so cute on the hat), 2 pink & brown clippies, and 3 solid bows: lavender, pink & white

big pink ruffle bow (again, so cute on the hat!), 1 dark pink & 1 light pink satin flower clippies, a pink & lavender polka dot clippie, lavender bow, pink & green flower stem clippie, lavender flower clippie and pink-cammo clippie

all wrapped-up & ready for giving

i was really excited about this gift, and it was so fun to make!

thanks so much, melody, for helping me and making our day so much fun!

(if you are interested in melody's "katie pie creations" bows, let me know and i can give you her information. she can even custom-make bows to match an outfit... and they make a great gift!) :-)


Matt, Andrea, and Luke said...

i love your blog and i'm with ya on trying to keep it interesting at home ... since it's 104 outside! come quickly, fall! ;)

Joel, Melody, Grant, & Kate said...

Sara! I love how it all turned out!!! Emma is so cute walking Duncan in her tutu! ;-)

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