Monday, July 7, 2008

airplanes, two-year-olds & baby birds

james and lisa... this is for you!!! :-)

i know it's been a little bit since i've written, so i've got a few different updates!

emma's newest obsession: airplanes and helicopters! she's so funny! she is such a girl... loves pretty pink polish on her tiny toes and fingers, loves sparkly pink shoes and purses... and airplanes & helicopters! every sentence ends in "ah-pees" (airplane) and "ha-ca-tu" (helicopter).
jason bought her some little "matchbox" type figures: one of an airplane, and one of a helicopter. she slept with them the first night, and then carried them to the church nursery in her pink purse the next morning!

the "terrible two's" are in full swing at the rains' house! emma is still our super sweet, fun, happy baby, but she is definitely testing her boundaries and asserting her new-found independence!

we are having a bit of trouble trying to keep a straight face during discipline, too. when her "nonna" is being firm, and emma thinks its a game, "nonna" will point to her eyes and say, "see my eyes emma? i'm serious. nonna said no..." so, apparently emma's picked up on it. this evening, during dinner, while emma was trying to explore the joys of throwing corn off of her booster-seat tray to the floor, jason told her no. when she attempted it again, and jason firmly said "
emma kate..." (accompanied by "the look" that parents give when they're being serious), our almost-two-year-old looked him dead in the eyes and said, "see eyes? no!"

how the heck are you supposed to keep a straight face through that?!?

emma also just finished "lil tots" swim lessons. we went every day from 10:30 - 11:00 for two weeks. they were great... when she was cooperative. of course, the week swim lessons started, emma decided to change her morning nap-time to about, mmm, 5 minutes before swim lessons started. so, a tired toddler screaming for her lovie & paci the whole time equaled really interesting swim lessons! after a couple days mommy figured out that if lovie & paci came swimming
with us, the lessons went MUCH smoother! (i just had to wash lovie everyday to get out that strong public-pool chlorine smell.)

i'm going to attach some pictures of some fun emma had with kleenex on the way to swim lessons and some new additions to our household...

i looked into the backseat and saw some kleenex in emma's hands, and thought "where did that come from?" when i went around to get emma out of the car, this is what i found:
an entire box of kleenex was pulled out and spread around the backseat!

these pictures don't give you the full effect,
but goodness, what a mess!
she had fun, that's for sure!

this little nest is nestled (no pun intended) into the flower-bucket on our front door. this is the first baby bird, right after he hatched. there are 4 babies in the nest now, all about one-week-old. they are growing everyday, and now have some pretty good feathers! it's the coolest thing: if we look out our peep-hole, we can watch the mama-bird feeding the babies, and see their little wobbly heads wiggle around! such a precious thing to witness! we have more pictures and some video that i'll try to get up later.


Joel, Melody, Grant, & Kate said...

That is so funny about the kleenex! I could see Kate doing the same thing, too. :-)

Looking forward to seeing you guys later this week!

Lisa said...

Dude! This is the first time I have been at the comp all day today and you posted after I had already checked yesterday. Trust me I check everyday! I like the airplane and helicopter thing. It's very cute when she says it!

JB said...

Yeah, by me saying I check it every night, it doesn't mean I check it every night at midnight. So here it is, I checked it tonight a little over 24 hours fom when I checked it last. lol
Good post. Although, I'm more of a readers digest type guy, so please pardon the skimming and looking at pictures that I did. I may not have caugt every word. Happy blogging!

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