Thursday, November 6, 2008


in light of the recent "decision 2008" results, i have been pondering a lot! and i have come to the conclusion that i am very, sincerely disappointed in the reaction of the american people... sadly, and most specifically, conservative-christian-rep

i have always considered myself to be a republican, a conservative, and obviously a christian. and although i have only been able to vote in one other presidential election (i missed the 2000 vote by 3 months!), i was very strongly aligned with the republican candidate in the past. this year was different. i wasn't sure who to pick. i wasn't sure who was best. mainly because i didn't want to fall prey to all the ridiculousness that was constantly being made up about each candidate. but also because they both seem like really decent men.

so, even though i knew that this election would be heated, and even though i knew that if obama won that there would be an outcry (honestly, there would have been either way), i was already sure that obama would come out on top. it just seemed obvious to me. because america has been griping about president bush for at least 4 years, because obama basically became a celebrity overnight (like 2 years ago!), because america is wanting a change... be it good or bad, they just want a change.

and, i have been horrified and saddened by the response to his win.

i have not heard so many horribly hateful, cruel, ignorant statements at one time in my life. things like, "the first thing obama should do as president is shoot himself." things like, "may God have mercy on our country." things like, "i'm giving up my citizenship." then there was the horrible event that happened on baylor university's campus this week, when some students thought it would be funny, i guess, to hang a noose on a tree to symbolize the "lynching" of obama, and then proceeded to burn his picture by it. do these people not realize that this man is a human being with a family, not to mention 2 young daughters???

i'm tired of the whining. i'm tired of the panic that has come from the apparent feeling that God has forsaken our country, and we're now going to self-destruct because of one man coming into power. it's ridiculous!

here's my take:
whether or not you feel that obama is the best man for the job, he's got it now. he WILL BE our new president. that demands some respect. how many republicans/christians were offended and whined and cried when the media, celebrities, SNL, late night talk shows, etc. degraded president bush every freakin' chance they got? we were so tired of the "liberals" being cruel and critical and condescending, just because they didn't agree with him. it was awful. for 8 years, it was awful. and now, obama hasn't even been SWORN INTO OFFICE yet, and already we're defaming his name, ridiculing him, slinging hateful words, begging for his death... and, here's the kicker... all in the name of our Lord and Savior!

as americans, we have the right to choose our leaders. and as americans, so does everyone else. our leader was chosen. we now have the responsiblity to respect him and submit to his leadership. this does not mean we cannot have opinions or a voice. but it means that he our president. it is what it is.

and i could be wrong, i guess. barrack obama could turn out to be a muslim. he could turn out to be friends with horrible terrorists. he could turn out to refuse to be sworn in on the bible. he could turn out to remove the american flag from airforce one and throw away all the flag pins he can get his hands on. he could turn out to be a liar, a thief, a horrible man.

but what if i'm not wrong?

WHAT IF he actually is a great man, who loves this country, and has every intention to do something positive, so that we can leave this nation to our children in a better state than it's in now? WHAT IF (gasp!) he actually does believe in the God that i serve and desires to submit to His will as he attempts to lead this country? what then?

i'm not, by any means, a huge obama supporter... it just saddens me that the people leading this hate rally towards the man who just made history in our nation are all people who claim to be "lights in the world" for Jesus.

so, maybe, instead of throwing a temper tantrum because the guy you chose didn't win... maybe you should start praying that this man hears the voice of God throughout the next 4 years. maybe you should start praying that you're wrong about everything you've feared, because if you're wrong, that means that this will end up being a positive, maybe even incredible change for our country.

"the [president's] heart is in the hand of the Lord." proverbs 1:21

this did not surprise God. He's known this outcome all along. and i don't know whether or not He is pleased with the man that america has voted into office.

but i DO know, that He loves barrack hussein obama NO LESS than He loves you, or me, or any other child of His.

and i also know that the hate spewing from the mouths and hearts of His children right now can most certainly NOT be pleasing to Him.

take it or leave it.
that's all i have to say.

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Cynthia said...


I pretty much agree with everything you said. Whoever they supported before the election, Americans have an obligation--and Christians have a duty--to support the elected officials afterward. Obama may or may not turn out to be who or what we need. If he is, just remember to give God the credit. As you said, this was no surprise to Him!

I am among those who, mostly quietly, was embarrassed by many of GW Bush's decisions and actions during his eight long years. I WANT change--but not at any cost. I want the RIGHT change. I pray that Barack Obama can be the agent of that change. It seems a pivotal moment in our nation's history. I see many opportunities to do good things for Americans and people all over the globe. I hope that we live up to our calling as leaders (servants) and follow wherever God leads us as a nation.

And I pray that President Obama lives a long and healthy life. It is unthinkable that some would want to end it because of the color of his skin. That just shows how little and closed their minds are. Personally, I spend very little time reading or listening to such thoughts. It seems a waste when that time could be spent instead working toward a goal worth reaching! Ignore them--and reach for what you know is right. You will find others going the same direction along with you.

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