Wednesday, April 8, 2009

egg-cited about cupcakes.

so, i know this is my first post in a long time... and it's gonna be a short one! this is my first night in forever that i haven't had tons and tons and tons of homework to do, so i got to spend a little time with my sweet family. :) we played a little when emma got home from the arboretum with nonna & grandpa, then we went to our favorite place - target! - for a little much needed grocery shopping.

when we got home, i had to get to work making cupcakes for emma's easter party at mother's day out. of course, i couldn't make just regular cupcakes - it's her first school easter party!

emma picked out the cake flavor - "funfetti" - and then i colored the frosting yellow, pink & blue. i used cadbury solid chocolate eggs (with a hard candy shell!) for the easter eggs on top. i think they turned out pretty cute:

what do you think? i can't wait for emma to see them in the morning when she wakes up!

eggs + cupcakes = 2 of her favorite things! :)

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