Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i'm making over my blog!

i'm not sure what i think about this new layout... any thoughts?

i have to re-do the header... i'm looking for some super cute digital scrapbooking pieces so i can make a new one to match.

but that's the kicker... it has to match. maybe that's what's throwing me off of this new makeover - the header doesn't match right now... PLUS, emma's picture is from when she was 16-months-old! aw, sweet little cutie... that was half her life ago! she's 31-months-old now... isn't that crazy?

anyway...what do y'all think?

1 comment:

Joel, Melody, Grant, and Kate said...

It's cute, but I'm partial to green and pink. And that really is the sweetest picture of Emma! I was thinking the other day how close Kate is to turning 3 and then I thought about Emma and how she is more than 2 1/2 yrs old. How can that be possible?? It was just a few months ago that they were wee ones!

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