Tuesday, July 7, 2009


last week, when i got into my car at around 3pm after school, this is what my poor little jetta read the temperature as being:

106 degrees.
i mean... i knew it was hot. i burned my bum through my jeans on my charcoal gray leather seats... but oh. my. goodness. 106 degrees? that should be illegal.

so, imagine my delight when, on monday of this week, the weather had changed dramatically after some much-needed rain on sunday! as i walked around campus at TWU, there was a beautiful breeze... the air was almost "soft" it was so comfortable. this is what "miss etta" the jetta told me the temperature was at 3pm on monday:

86 degrees!
20 whole degrees cooler than it was only a few days before!
isn't that crazy? and man... those 20 degrees make a HUGE difference!

it was a MUCH needed break from the endless weeks of over-100-degree weather we've had so far this summer.

and it was glorious.

i could live days like that everyday... but it probably won't happen in texas. :)

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Anonymous said...

You shouldn’t have a car that tells you what the temperature is then it wouldn’t seem so bad – AND – you should ALWAYS have ice water with you :>)


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