Wednesday, August 12, 2009


my sweet friend michelle & her hubs jeremy are expecting chloe faith, their first baby, in october. our group of girlfriends from church through her a shower on sunday, and we had a cute little project.

we had all the guests make a page for a blessing book for chloe & michelle. everyone wrote a prayer or a character quality that they hope miss chloe has... or some encouraging words for michelle as she journeys through the transitions of mommy-hood.

here is the little directions page i made for the blessing book station:

chloe's crib bedding is from pottery barn kids & features whimsical little birds
in blue, green & coral so i tried to go with that theme...

i made front & back covers for the book, too, and tied it off with a sweet little ribbon:

front cover: mommy & baby chloe
"for this child, i have prayed." I samuel 1:27

back cover: little horton family :)

i really hope michelle treasures her little blessing book. the blessings, prayers and wishes written for this little family are all so sweet... chloe faith is already so loved!

i'll post pics when the little chick-a-dee arrives. :)


Olson Family said...

cute! you are so talented! and how did i not know you could SING by the way?!?!?!

candicebishop said...

You are so talented. I love my blessings book too. So sweet.

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