Saturday, June 28, 2008

a saturday show

so, this afternoon, jason and i went with his sister lindsey to see "hairspray" at music hall in fair park. we had seen the movie before, but never the show. now, i am one to like a good musical anyway, but OMG!!! this show was SO incredible!

it was fun, colorful, laugh-out-loud funny, interactive, exciting, and had great music. i highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. it was a really fun thing to do on our saturday afternoon.

afterwards, we did a bit of shopping at a linens-n-things closeout sale (woo hoo!) and then had dinner at the ever-so-yummy cafe brazil.

it was a great day... fun for all ages!


Lisa said...

Sounds like a good time! I want a good day like that.

Mikaela said...

Hey I didn't know how else to respond to your questions so I'll do it here :O)

Thanks for your kind words about our sweet daughter Ataly. We love her to pieces! You do pronounce her middle name like Rain. We spelled it Raen because it's a combo of her grandmother's names. A girl from a church we attended when we were first married had the name Ataly (she spelled it differently). We loved it and added to our names and were grateful we had a little girl to use the name :O) Thanks for the updates through your blog! I'll look forward to keeping up through that ! Don't you just love technology when it works to keep family and old friends connected!

The Chandler Clan said...

found your blog through Melody's. It's fun to see little Emma, she is precious. We have a blog, it's private so e-mail me if you want to see it (
Traci Chandler

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