Monday, October 6, 2008

2-year stats

that's right, emma kate is 2-YEARS-OLD!

we had her 2-year check-up this morning with dr. daniel, and she had a very good visit. she measured around 90% for both weight & height at 31.5 pounds and 35.5 inches tall!

she had to be bribed to stand on that scale, though... she was not having it. i don't know what it was about the "big girl scale," but she was freaking out & clinging to jason. finally, the nurse pulled out some bubbles & a sucker, and she cooperated just long enough for us to get her weight.

i can't believe our baby girl is so big! these 2 years have just FLOWN by!

we had her party on saturday, and we had a BLAST!

i will post some pictures later.

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Matthew and Naomi said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Emma Kate! I cannot believe how much she has grown - she is almost as tall as Abby!
We are so looking forward to your visit in November. I will call/email about the times we are coming up to Dallas...we would love to see you all!

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