Tuesday, October 21, 2008

next time won't you sing with me?

so, this evening i tried to get some much needed capture-time of emma kate singing "the alphabet song." we went through several "takes" on my trusty hot-pink motorola razr, and i laughed... a lot!

here are some of the best videos:

take 1: this is as far as she got the first time.
you have to listen carefully, but she starts the song: "a, b, c, d, e, f, g..." and then starts counting: "1... 2.... ... ... 3!"and then proceeds to dig around in her cute little nose. and yes, she's got great manners. and yes, my 2-year-old is telling me to "get back." (and please, excuse the annoying laughter coming from the mommy behind the camera.)

take 2: stuck again. "WX! WX!" is what she's yelling.

take 3: finally! this is classic. i love her ending line. :-)
(hint: she's trying to say, "now i know my abc's!)

i know they're hard to hear, but they're oh-so-cute!
i will try to get some better video... maybe with something more hi-tech than my cell phone.

1 comment:

candicebishop said...

Too cute! That made me laugh how she went ahead and picked her nose! Haley does that at the most "opportune" times as well (like, in public!). :)

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