Friday, June 13, 2008

1 a.m., emma? really?

so... we've moved emma into her toddler bed, and it's so cute! really, for not even being 2-years-old, she's done a lot better than i expected her to, as far as staying and sleeping in bed goes. as some of you know, emma kate has always been a great sleeper. we were blessed by having a rock-star sleeper as our first child... she started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old! who does that???

over the last couple days, she's learned to get out of bed by herself, and so nap times have been a bit of a "battle." two days in a row, it's taken her about an hour to actually go to sleep. she's in this really clingy stage, where she wants me to either rock her or kneel by her bed so she can wrap (or squeeze, really) her little arms around my neck until she goes to sleep. if i even act like i'm leaving or getting up, she starts crying so hard, you'd think i'd taken away her best friend! then, i'll finally leave and close the door, and she cries and cries and cries... and those of you who know emma, know that she can SCREAM! so, i'll listen for her to calm down, praying fervently for God to allow her to just give it up and rest! :-) i'll hear her crying subside, and i'm thinking, "yay! finally!" and then... i hear it. the un-mistakable sound of a non-sleeping, but very-much-playing baby. when i walk into her room, i'll find her sweetly (and disobediently) "cooking" at her fancy little kitchen. (it's pink, no less!)

usually, she'll greet me with a "hi mommy!" or a "wanna cook?" as if she doesn't know full-well she's not supposed to be out of bed! so i've had to handle this simply by firmly and quietly putting her back in her bed, telling her it's "night-night" time and not to get out of bed, then i'll walk out of the room and shut the door... this is all met by more crying, and usually the cycle begins again. and after about an hour, she finally surrenders to sleep.

i've dealt with this nap-time-battle pretty well. i actually expected it. i don't think many toddlers transition to a "big-kid bed" without any issues. so i've gladly taken on the bed-time trials... joyfully even... i feel like it's all part of emma becoming independent and developing into who God has made her to be. it's just our job to help nurture and shape these qualities. but this was all when these little battles took place during her naps... during the DAY!

last night i woke up to her screaming at 1 am. she was frantic! it was awful! we did our little dance where she begs me "mommy, my rock?" (wanting me to rock her), and cried when i tried to go back to bed. i was really torn because i don't want her to be unable to fall asleep on her own. we've really worked hard to train her to sleep on her own. but it was 1 am. and i was exhausted. and jason's sister lindsey is currently sleeping in the room sharing a wall with emma's room... she had to be at work at 8 am, and i'm sure she wouldn't be happy if she couldn't sleep due to my sweet, screaming toddler.

anyway, there was no tricking emma. i literally would fall asleep leaning over her bed because i sat there for so long. i'd look at her face, see her eyes closed, and guess she was asleep... especially since i hadn't seen or heard any movements from her for several minutes. then i'd begin to creep silently out of her room, and the second i'd reach her door, "waaaaaahhhh!" oh, it was exhausting! it was like she was doing it on purpose. so, 2 hours and 30 minutes later, i was back in bed listening to her scream over the monitor. "mommy! peeeease! mommy!" it was heart-breaking.

so, i'm thinking she won that war last night. i honestly felt like i was in newborn days again. hopefully, i'll be able to keep strong and stay firm, and eventually she'll just learn to stay in bed and go to sleep. i'm hoping she's a fast learner, though!

you know what the best part is, though? guess who was up, super happy and ready to conquer the day at 7 am?? (you know she thought it was super funny, too!)

ok, enough complaining... really though, i wouldn't trade all those days of sleeping through the night and sleeping in that existed before emma kate for anything. if being blessed by the joy of knowing emma as my daughter means 2-hour "parties" at 1 am, i'll take it!

...though it would be nice to have weekends off... :-)

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Lisa said...

NICE!!!! That girl knows what she wants and knows how to get it. What a mess! :P

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