Monday, June 16, 2008

emma's baby dedication & father's day

yesterday was jason's 2nd father's day... well, technically, it was his 3rd, because i was 5 months pregnant with emma in june of 2006! emma and i had fun showing jason how much we love him all day long. he even got a great present of golf lessons from the greatest wife in the world!!! (oh, me??? aw, so sweet! hehe) now, he can go play with his "guys" and not feel like he's holding them back! :-) i know he'll do great!

yesterday was also emma kate's baby dedication at church. (i made the invitation above... really i just wanted an excuse to make something else for her baby book! traditionally, our church does these services on mother's day and father's day of every year, and yesterday was emma's time to shine! jason and i stood before our church body and our God and promised to everything in our power to raise emma to know Christ. our church family also vowed to support us in raising our daughter in the way of the Lord. it was a really sweet time in our lives with emma kate. we had sweet friends and family join us in prayer and support us during the service.
of course, emma had to find a way to be the center of attention! :-) she decided as we were making our way onto the stage that she was not going to wear her cute red shoes that mommy had specifically picked out for the occasion. since it was close to nap-time (and she decided to change our wake-up call to 5:30 am, instead of 7 am), she was extremely tired, and did not want to be held still up there on stage!

she was so funny, though! after we got up and walked on stage, she leaned over me and waved to jason's sister lindsey, and stated (loudly) "bye-bye, lulu!" then half-way through the ceremony, as pastor mark was trying to read about the promise we were about to make, emma spotted jason's mom, her beloved "nonna." we knew it was coming... with sheer joy in her eyes and in her voice, she waved emphatically and squealed, "hiiiiiiii, nonna! nonna! hi!" i was laughing and cringing at the same time. fortunately, her antics seemed to only further endear her in the hearts of our church family members... we got many comments on how "perfect" and "adorable" she was after church. although, i'm not sure the other parents enjoyed emma stealing the spotlight from their kids!

listening to pastor mark read the meaning of emma's name and the verse chosen for her

the beginning of emma's "restlessness"

jason and i are obviously trying to concentrate in the midst of emma's "outbursts" :-)

emma with her papa (my daddy)

me and my hubby


emma not wanting to take a family picture

jason with his sister lindsey & step-dad kevin

jason and his sister lindsey

my daddy, mom, me :-), emma & jason


JB said...

Very exciting. Hey, can we see another picture of you and Jason?

Lisa said...

Looks like you guys had a great day!!!!

the rains family said...

haha, yeah, yeah... i couldn't decide which one i liked best! :-)

Mikaela said...

Emma looks like such a sweet girl. Our daughter Ataly was dedicated on Sunday too! You can check out our blog at Hope y'all are doing well.

The Watkins said...

Ok, we can throw a rock to your church, that's how close out place is! And you didn't invite us? J/k We've been talking about that church for a long time....watching it be built and all. They never put up a welcome sign for the first service in the new building?? Anyway, so we should meet up sometime. We're almost done being sick at our house, so maybe after the holiday we can get together??

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