Saturday, June 18, 2011

wow! praise the LORD.

this literally was THE hardest year of my entire life. i guess that's obvious by the fact that i haven't posted at ALL since right before school started. :)

there is so much to share and catch up on... i'm home with the girls this summer, and really enjoying just being mommy and wife for awhile. something i've never really been able to do. i'm hoping to get to post a bit each day to share some highlights of the year, (the whole first year of sweet rylie's life!), and to share our summer fun. :)

on a creative note, i am LOVING a free online photo editing site i've discovered - i used it to create my new blog header, and also the pretty little ditty proclaiming the arrival of summer (and freedom), above. :)

check it out.

super fun. :)

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