Wednesday, June 29, 2011

catching up :: june 2011 :: rylie's 1st birthday.

note: this entry was written in july 2012, in an effort to finally update this little blog on the missing year or two of our lives, while i was so busy starting my new teaching career. :)

time flies when you're having fun! :) we couldn't believe our sweet rylie was already one... we had a fun day celebrating our baby girl.

we woke up and had a fun day at home, and then went to chick-fil-a for dinner. our neighborhood chick-fil-a does super fun family nights throughout the summer. rylie's 1st birthday fell on a tuesday, so it happened to be free ice cream and face painting night! :) we took emma's bff haley with us, and the girls had lots of fun.

birthday cupcake bears from nonna & grampa
sweet birthday girl
"it's my party and i'll cry if i want to!"
face painting at chick-fil-a
yummy chick-fil-a for the birthday girl & daddy
beautiful butterfly princess
our friend haley, getting her face painted, too
i think she likes it. :)

emma & haley :: sweet friends

haley & emma :: silly friends 

haley & emma :: love these girls
loving some ice cream. :)

"ice dream" buddies
the birthday girl loves her french fries
what a great daddy! he got his face painted, too! :)
emma just thinks this is so great...

a princess & her superhero
just because they're so cute... trying to remember them this small. :)
{emma-4, rylie-1 :: june 2011}

rylie's birthday party was at our house last year. it was held on july 2nd so jason's parents could be back in town from their vacation and be there. we had SO many good friends and family show up, which was great, but our tiny house was packed full. it also happened to be probably the hottest day of the summer at that point, and although our air conditioner worked overtime to keep up, it just wasn't strong enough. so, needless to say, it was much less than comfortable in our living room (i think with about 30 adults in kids in one room, the temperature didn't get under 80 the entire time... maybe even as high as 88!!). even so, it was a fun day, and i had a blast with the fun little details. :) jason has more pics on his computer, so i'll have to post more later... these are more of the decorations and such. :)

sign on the table at ry's party
pinwheels & sunshine for rylie's first-day-of-summer birthday :)
pinwheels for rylie's party
pinwheels for rylie's party
working on rylie's 1st birthday shirt

pinwheels & lemon{ade}s :)
table decorations {framed party invitation}
table decorations
invitation to rylie's 1st birthday party
"sunshine & lemonade and twirly whirly fun...
come help celebrate, our rylie is turning ONE!"

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