Wednesday, June 29, 2011

catching up :: june 2011.

note: this entry was written in july 2012, in an effort to finally update this little blog on the missing year or two of our lives, while i was so busy starting my new teaching career. :)

the month of june just flew by. i was thrilled to be home with my girls, just being wife and mommy for the first time in my life. :) it's hard to feel completely settled and secure in something, fully knowing that it won't last. i struggled a lot last summer knowing that it was ending so quickly. i kept a mental note of how many weeks were left, and it just made me so sad "watching" it slip away.

this summer, i've tried to be better about that and just enjoy the time i have home with my girlies.

looking back at these pictures from last year makes my heart happy. we did have a fun time. :) it's good to remember the sweet moments. it helps me remember how blessed i really am. :)

end of the year gift for emma's teacher

end of the year gift for emma's teacher

emma on her florida trip with nonna & grampa

emma met this friend at the hotel in florida. they
became fast friends & even pen pals! :)

emma's dolphin necklace

silly girl :)

my little sassafras :)

now that's what i call an ice cream cone. :)

bathing beauty

sweet sisters

emma pushed ry around in this doll stroller all summer

while i was folding laundry on the couch... two little stowaways :)

this was rylie's morning routine :)

rylie's first really big owie :(

sweet girl fell in love with this hat.
so, of course, daddy bought it for her. :)

sweet ry at the splash park
{what's fun, is she can still wear this suit this summer!!}

catching water :)

so excited to play with the macs at the apple store :)

emma loves playing at the apple store

fun family date on the carousel :)

daddy & his little girl

mommy & ry waiting for our turn on the carousel

mommy's going a  little overkill on the kisses, i guess...

emma was SO excited about this cupcake shoppe they
were building at stonebriar mall... we haven't been yet,
but we definitely need to check it out -
so pink & princessy! :) reminds me of cinderella. :)

{taken from my rearview mirror}
loved looking back and seeing these little feet
enjoying the summer breeze :)

she was so proud that she "snuggled rylie to sleep." 

they love each other so much. :)

bathtime fun. :)

jason surprised me by sticking sweet love notes in
random spots around the house. it was a great way
to communicate our love & appreciate for each other. :)

i was excited to finally get my dishes into my cabinet!
i got all these beautiful white dishes for christmas & it
took me 6 months to finally get them unpacked and
put away! :) but i love love love them. 

invitations for my friend reci's shower to welcome her twin girls :)

favors & thank you notes

cookie favors :: "thank you for making my shower TWEET!"

addressing envelopes for reci's thank you notes

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