Thursday, June 30, 2011

catching up :: june 2011 :: videos.

note: this entry was written in july 2012, in an effort to finally update this little blog on the missing year or two of our lives, while i was so busy starting my new teaching career. :)

i found several videos in my iPhoto, and i realized i wanted to remember my girls at this age... not only how they looked, how little they were, their sweet smiles... but also their giggles, the way their voices sound so tiny, the way rylie toddled around on her just-learned-to-walk legs. :)

here's a little peek at these sweet little lives, only one year ago. :)

emma got to go with her nonna and grampa to fort meyer beach {i think}, florida last summer for about a week. she got lots of sand and pool time. these are some of the sweet videos donna sent us so we wouldn't miss our girl so unbearably:

rylie, on {or around} her 1st birthday:

this little gem was discovered on my phone. i wasn't present during the writing of this song or the making of this video {hehe!}:

{"jesus, please, i love you..." yes.}

we spent lots of time at area splash parks with friends. on this particular day, rylie was not super interested in being in the water. she kept wandering off the pad, and i had to chase her down several times. :) i just love watching her little toddler walking... she's grown so much since then:

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