Monday, June 27, 2011

catching up :: june 2011 :: father's day.

note: this entry was written in july 2012, in an effort to finally update this little blog on the missing year or two of our lives, while i was so busy starting my new teaching career. :)

father's day 2011 was actually rylie's first father's day! i labored with her all day father's day 2010, but she wasn't born until 7:10 the next morning. :)

to celebrate two of the very special men in our lives (the girls' daddy & papa), we cooked a barbecue dinner at home. i made a cherry glaze for BBQ chicken on the grill (and other things i don't remember). but then i also made these amazing "irish car bomb" cupcakes. there is beer in the batter and bailey's irish creme in the frosting! (i mean. yum.)

irish car bomb cupcakes - yummo!

love these cupcake toppers :: "TIE-riffic DAD!" :)

emma's daddy is #1 :)

daddy & his girls
{emma-4, rylie-1}

emma kate & papa

father's day tie banner

i had lots of fun decorating the house for our daddies' special day.

i also made these collage prints for jason's father's day gift... i actually made them for FREE at! :) FREE is the best kind of gift, right?

a year in pictures :: 2010-2011

love this family :: 2010-2011

emma's note to daddy: "Love you, Daddy!"
june 2011 - 4 years old

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