Friday, November 11, 2011


i am thankful that emma kate gets to be in dance this year. every thursday, she gets to dress up like a ballerina and learn to pointe and twirl and chasse across the dance floor at ms. tanya's house of dance in allen. emma is in a class with one of her best friends, haley. it's so fun that they get to dance together! :) after 30-minutes of ballet, the girls put on their tap shoes and shuffle-ball-change their little hearts out. :)

with our budget, the fact that she gets to be in an activity like this is a huge blessing. she loves it, and it's really fun to watch her dancing with her little friends... i can't wait 'til her first recital... we'll see what kind of dancer my little one turns out to be. :)

this picture is from her very first dance class. i just love it.

tiny dancers with ms. tanya
{emma is in all pink}

i don't think there's anything sweeter! i am so thankful i get to share these moments with her.

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