Sunday, November 6, 2011


so... even though this one is technically being posted on november 6th, it still counts for the 5th for two reasons: 1) because i haven't gone to bed, yet, and 2) because it's my blog and i said so! :)

i just got home from an incredible date night with my husband of SEVEN YEARS, celebrating our anniversary. we had a most delicious dinner at Gregory's Bistro in the square in downtown mckinney. we drank great wine, ate even greater food, and had sweet conversation. then we went to see a movie - like, a grown-up movie... without talking animals or princesses of any kind! we watched some of hollywood's finest (i.e. george clooney, ryan gosling, philip seymour hoffman & paul giamati!) in "the ides of march." some pictures were posted on facebook, and i got many sweet compliments... maybe i need to spend more time on hair & makeup more often?? :)

and now, we're home. the girls are spending the night with "nonna & grampa" tonight. and it's daylight savings night!... which means one more hour of sleep, technically... but even more because there will be no little people to wake us up at 7:30 a.m. on-the-dot asking for the iPad or to watch Netflix on my iPhone. (hallelujah!)

so, tonight, i am thankful for date night. and anniversaries. and really yummy food. and once-in-a-while childless nights. and the end of daylight savings. and sleep.

and my husband. (and the last 7 years.) :)

goodnight!! i'm gonna get a start on that "extra hour." :)

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