Friday, November 4, 2011


i am thankful for Fall; for cooler air and crisp, blustery days.

i am thankful for the need to wear a sweater, and for feeling cold in the morning.

i am thankful for Fall for a few reasons:

1. it got as high as 114 degrees in dallas this summer.
2. pumpkin spice lattes
3. pumpkin flavored anything
4. a light jacket or sweater is needed, but its not cold enough for my bones to shiver yet.
5. my uggs are now appropriate footwear again
6. i think the clothes are super cute!... jeans, sweaters, scarves, layers, layers, layers...
7. comfort food... yum!
8. fall means thanksgiving, which means the beginning of the christmas season... and my absolute favorite time of the year is from thanksgiving day until christmas eve. :)
9. daylight savings time ends, graciously giving me ONE MORE HOUR of sleep on a very special saturday night

...and i'm sure there are many other reasons that i'm thankful for fall, but i fell asleep, somewhere between numbers 3 & 4, last night while i was writing this post, so i just need to get on with it. (for the record, i am troubled, immensely, that "thankful.3" is now not going to show up on november 3, 2011. i really was liking the look of the post number matching the date... and now that is messed up. but i'm getting over it and moving on! i don't have to be a slave to perfection!) ;)

...yay fall! :)

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