Wednesday, November 9, 2011


that sonic ice... mmmm. 

as trivial as this may seem, i am very thankful for sonic drinks. particularly vanilla dr. pepper, vanilla ocean water, or strawberry limeades. :)

there is a sonic about a block away from my school, and a sonic run (especially during 2-4 pm happy hour) is always the go-to when we are not having the best day. those sonic drinks have a way of making teachers happy.

i don't know if it's the amazing sonic ice, the styrofoam cups, the happy red straws, or just the deliciousness of the drinks themselves, but they can lift my mood in a heartbeat. :)

(fun fact: it is true that styrofoam cups and straws DO, indeed, make every drink taste better. the sonic ice helps, too.)

so, here's to sonic drinks being so close to my place of work. and to aides cool enough to make the run. and to the fact that they are cheap. and delicious. and make the last hour or two of teaching a rowdy little group of 4-year-olds way more bearable. :)

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