Sunday, November 20, 2011


one of my best friends has a sweet baby girl, evie claire, who is 4 months younger than rylie. sami and i have known each other since we were 15, and were fast-friends from the moment we met. the Lord has been so gracious to walk us through similar journeys at almost every stage of our life for the last 15 years. the walk of mommy-hood is particularly sweet to walk with a dear friend.

my in-laws left for florida early friday morning, so rylie went to have a playdate with evie while jason and i were working. sami sent me this super cute picture while i was at work.

evie claire & rylie elizabeth - november 2011
"two little who's from who-ville"

when i walked in the door with rylie, sami said that evie was wearing the very same pajamas! how precious is that?? :)

it is very fun to watch our baby girls play and giggle with each other. i pray that they grow to be sweet friends and love each other as much as their mommies do. i pray that their love for Christ creates a bond in them that lasts a lifetime. 

i am so thankful for these two little girls and their baby-friendship. and i am always thankful for evie's mommy, and the amazing friend and sister-in-Christ that she has been to me. :)

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