Sunday, November 6, 2011


today, i am thankful for productivity.

jason and i got to sleep in (until almost 10 am!!) and then spent the day doing laundry and organizing while the girls played outside in the backyard. we cleaned out and organized the pantry, which was LONG overdue... there was a box of thin wheats in there that expired in 2009!! ha! listening to them squeal and giggle and play together was glorious. since the weather was so nice, we left the back door open and they just came in and out of the house. we made a run to the grocery store before dinner, so we're all set for the week.

we have lots more to finish before we leave for destin in 2 weeks (i want to leave & come home to a CLEAN HOUSE!), but i think we got a lot done today!

and i am thankful for that!

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