Wednesday, November 2, 2011


{betcha thought i wouldn't even make it to day 2, huh?? ;) well, here i am!}

i thought day 2 would be fitting to declare my undying thankfulness for TWO of the most precious gifts God could ever have blessed me with.

emma kate {5} & rylie elizabeth {16-months} as "alice"

oh. my. goodness. how i LOVE these two little girls!! they bring me so much joy with their sweet, silly spirits. i love their snuggles, their laughs, their kisses, their faces, the way they feel when i hold them tight, the contentment on their faces as they sleep, the way they look at their daddy... i love every itty-bitty thing about them!

i could not even begin to imagine the blessing of motherhood when emma kate entered our lives 5 years ago. and although being a mommy is not the easiest job in the world (i think every mommy would agree that it brings many not-so-great days), i 100% believe that it is, by far, the most rewarding. God has taught me so many things about Him through my journey as Mommy to my two beautiful girls.

and, what a JOY to watch them grow together and develop a relationship. i sat in the living room tonight just watching them play and listening as girlie squeals and giggles filled our house. i know we probably have many bickering moments ahead of us, but i can't think of much that is sweeter than seeing your children grow to love one another. i pray they continue to develop a friendship that will be grounded in Christ, and will endure anything! sisters are so fun. :) and i love watching them laugh together.

i am thankful for the blessing of being their mother.

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